Lawn Moaner

May 18, 2006

I’m a little depressed that Ben moved out. Sure, it was last fall and he was kind enough to take sleeping Bob with him, so that was a plus. But I miss him nonetheless.

You might be thinking that it’s heartening to hear that a brother misses his brother, but I guess I misspoke. It’s not missing so much as needing. You see, the four months of rain has caused the grass outside to grow. And aside from doing some painting and general handywork, Ben was great for doing the lawn.

But, since thadiusqSkatieplknwixbus and BB have taken him away, I’ve had to fire up the lawn implements myself. Those of you who know me are justifiably scared at that last phrase Р‘fire up the lawn implements MYSELF’.

Well, it was uneventful. My white corduroys, red shoes and buff physique tackled the lawn last night and now you can see the boundaries where my yard stops and the neighbors’ land begins.

I would have taken a photo but I’m still trying to relearn the blog software since my site crash the other day.

Bear with me. One thing you’re probably pleased about is the complete lack of adsense ads or timeshare info. Well, I figured that out Рlook below.

More to come…

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