Leaked Apple Memo Seems Fake

August 6, 2008

Google kills Blogger sites for no good reason. Someone blames Obama. 3/4 of UK searches done on Google. Microsoft getting attacked left and right. Needs to do something. Microsoft doing huge stock buyback. Cisco not buying EMC. Russian gangs hijacking PC’s (no kidding!). The Russians are trouble. Dell getting cheap ink for going green. AOL killing Time-Warner. Where is Steve Case when you need him. Steve Job memo gets leaked to the press mysteriously. CLEAR laptop lost then found. DEFCON underway. Visit if you can. Everyone agreeing to shutting their mouths while in China for the Olympics. Cripes.

Click to listen: [audio:http://m.podshow.com/media/12115/episodes/121058/tech5-121058-08-06-2008.mp3]