March 6, 2008

Well, I don’t want to call this Mad Libs because that name’s already taken. And the impetus behind this little post is a conversation I had with a friend recently who swore me to secrecy on a bunch of issues. But that person didn’t say I couldn’t blog about the situation in Mad Lib format. Here goes…

With her next child on the way, _________ is trying for the hat-trick. Oscar and Terrorizer are the first two kids.

It’s amazing that her husband’s _________ stick seems to be able to shoot and score with ________ , because his favorite team is sucking wind this season.

Lest us not forget that our friend’s roommate is a chiro _______ter who has convinced _________ to go try some hot and deadly treatment of needles and _________ .

Fill out the missing six words here and submit them in the comments section. The best combination of fill-in words will be chosen and published here at Bowl of Cheese in a future post. AND the winner will be treated to his or her choice of coffee or tea drink from ‘Bucks or Dunkin’s.

More to come…