Link farm

August 10, 2007

I listened to a show the other day – The M Show actually – during which the host mentioned the concept of link sharing as a way to let all the ships in the podcast and blog universe rise together.

Now it would be stupid if it made ALL the ships rise an equal amount, but he was talking about a finite group of colleagues and friends who had taken part in contributing to the same book. Then, when the book was in pre-release the author mentioned a list of his contributors on his site and encouraged others to do the same.

In effect, this move created its own buzz and its own community.

I’m not looking for a monster boost in ratings or even more hits (you all know that Bowl of Cheese is at the top of the blog ratings already), but I figured I’d list here some of my fave podcasts and blog sites. If those authors wanted to return the favor by doing a similar post, all the better.

Here goes:


New Media

Get Money for School


Comedy and Skits




Smart, Fun, Active, Real

Darling Creative Endeavors


Vegas Betting and more (CAREFUL, this site often has swears on it)

Vegas Baby!

Intelligent Musing



Totally Random

Mystery Writing

Digital Photography

There you go. That’s the list for today. Perhaps I’ll post a new list each month. Look for a new one in mid-September.

More to come…