January 26, 2008

Remember as a kid when you had a cold and had to stay home from school? Sure you do, unless you were one of the three dorkus maximus kids who went to school for 12 years straight without missing a day. And I’m not going to question the veracity of their ‘achievement’, but are you seriously going to tell me that those kids never got dismissed early or came in late or missed ANY school? C’mon!

Well, the rule at our house was if you were too sick to go to school you were too sick to play or enjoy life at all later in the day. No going out to the movies or to the playground or the construction sites where Paul Leonardo and I used to pretend we were the Hardy Boys. Nothing but stay home and get better.

It was boring and painful, but that strategy was proven to work. At least when I was a kid. Now that strategy is just crap. For about two weeks I’ve been trying to do just that, but since I play the role of an adult these days I have been unwilling and unable financially to stay home the entire time. This might have allowed the cold in my head to linger a little longer, but 14 days of stupid stuffed head and brutal coughing? That’s not right.

I did have windows where I thought I was getting better, but those coincided nicely with CF’s prime sick days. Essentially this cold started with me, went to her, and now has come back to me. And I can’t put into words how angry I am.

I’m now stuck home on a weekend where I wanted to attend Vericon, Shelley’s wedding celebration in JP, and I’d like to see CF for the first time all week. BUT I’M NOT BETTER YET.

Further, my father has been ill and I don’t want to make him any sicker by going to my parent’s house. I don’t have the energy to get anything productive done while I’m home with all this time on my hands. And this blog post – in my addled opinion – has been one of the most unclear and rambling collections of words I’ve posted in my half a decade of blogging.

I wish it were talk like a pirate day so I could just shout, “YARGHHHHHHHH!” and throw my MacBook across the library.