Making Media

April 6, 2008

OK, you might argue that I have a problem if I’m at a bar in Jamaica Plain at 10AM on a Sunday. Well, part of the process…in fact the first step…is admitting you have a problem. I’m not a quitter, so I’m not going to admit anything.


I’ll take the fifth, actually. And then I’ll pour some of it into my V8 juice or bloody-mary mix.

To be factual, while at Doyles Cafe in Jamaica Plain I didn’t have anything stronger than two cups of tea and the wild and wacky media-laden conversation of about 30 new-media mavens.


That’s right, Boston Media Makers has moved its regular location from Sweet Finnish (no longer in operation) to Doyles.

They (the bar) have a great menu, superb service and a fun atmosphere. I suggest going for both breakfast and drinks. Or you could take the liquid approach and spend all your time at the bar. But I digress.

I wandered across Boston MM on the Web at and thought it would be a great event to attend. Steve Garfield puts on a well-organized and informative session where pro’s from all over New England share their expertise and hobnob. It’s low-key and from what I hear has created professional/career relationships and has strengthened the bond between podcasters and bloggers in the region.

My reason for going was to see a few new faces, practice my elevator pitch, get some more followers on Twitter and to have some breakfast. I plan to continue attending these and related events as long as I see a value in new media…and I suspect my interest won’t wane anytime soon.


See the links in this tiny diatribe for more info. Or go here – BMM meeting report – to see the meeting report.

More to come…