Making Sushi

January 20, 2008

Hank and Kim turned us onto the sushi fish market over by the World Trade Center. The name of the place is Sea To You and they had a delightful selection of sushi-grade tuna, salmon and other fish to make your taste-buds happy.

So, after grabbing some fish and making our way to the South End Fromaggio Kitchen, we meandered home to create sushi rolls, some sashimi and a hand roll.

Here’s the process in a little picture show…


Here’s the tuna and in both white and a rich red.


All the steps were performed by CF after some tutoring a few weeks ago from Kim. This roll has some red stuff in it and some crabstick and some tobico (I think).


Here’s the roll before we tried to cut it with my horrible knives. THAT is one thing you’d best have on hand if you’re planning to make the rolls look great. We shredded ours because my knives are crap.


And there is the roll after we’ve cut it into perfect pieces for our enjoyment.

More to come…