Managing the Gray

December 17, 2007

If I were smarter I would have learned long ago that paying attention to audiences in the social media realm is overrated. Not that you – my readers – are to be taken for granted. Not that at all.

What I’m talking about is CC Chapman’s assertion that personal vehicles of social media (this blog,, a life of play podcast and also bowl of cheese podcast) are labors of love and tracking readership isn’t necessary.

By the way, go read CC’s blog and subscribe to his podcast. Had to remember to get that in before I continue my rant.

Conversely, you should be TOTALLY focused on your audience figures when creating materials for clients. When I’m doing work as Novel Ideas (see then I’m in tune with my audiences, I measure all the metrics relevant to my clients and I craft messages specifically for every reader, viewer and listener.

What’s this all mean? That if you’re trying to reach people with new media you should determine your goals and establish your plan before just jumping in. Don’t create if you’re thinking of monetizing it immediately – or even eventually.

I guess what really brought this line of thought up was a client’s planned foray into the podcasting and blogging realm.


They’ve been asking me a few questions about the space, but also giving me their incorrect assumption that people will beat a path to their electronic door if all they do is establish a blog.

I’ve looked around a bit and have been considered a new media guru by the Boston Globe, so believe me (and CC) when we say that if you’re not genuine, forthright and transparent with your readers, you won’t have readers for long and the ones that remain won’t be worth the electrons you waste putting up your own blather.

Go look at sites like Engadget, BoingBoing, TWIT, MobileMag, Problogger, MarketingProfs, and more. There you will see examples of impartial review sites, corporate blogs and guidelines for creating your company’s Web presence.

And most of all, just contact me to help you. If I can’t help I’ll point you to someone who can.

More to come…