McDonald’s is NOT my kind of place

October 30, 2007

Actually, I love McDonald’s, but the one in Quincy across from the Police Station and next to Roxie’s is bothersome.

What makes it worse is the management and their response to whiny patrons like myself.

Take this email interaction for example…

Hi Jeff,
I apologize for your recent experience at our Quincy McDonald’s.
Please contact me at (781) 829-0802 Ext. 318 so that we may discuss your visit.
Kristin Mattson

Kristin Mattson
Napoli Management Co.
Customer Service Representative
(781) 829-0802 Ext. 318

From: “Jeff” <>
Sent: 10/5/07 1:25 PM
Subject: McState Contact Form – Restaurant #4935 Contact Form – Restaurant #4935

From: Jeff (

Regarding: Night menu

I was at your store the other night around 11PM and I asked for a Sundae.
I was told I couldn’t get a Sundae because the hot fudge machine was off.
I then asked for just the iced cream, no hot fudge.
I was told that they couldn’t do that.
I asked why.
They said they just couldn’t.
I asked if the iced cream machine was working.
They said it was.
I said I wanted just iced cream.
They said I could only get a McFlurry.
I said BITE ME and drove off.
If this is how you’re jacking up the average sale at night by making the dollar menu unavailable, that’s fine. But all I wanted was a sundae-size amount of iced cream.
Please comment on this policy.

It’s now been a handful of weeks since Ms. Mattson kindly sent me that note and led me to believe that I might get an apology, a free sundae or even get a happy meal.

Five phone calls later I’m still waiting to find out if my fast-food nation has turned on me. I used to love this place that Ronald built, but maybe not anymore.

Maybe if you call Kristin and leave a message for me, that could help. All her info is above and I’ve been kind enough to put it in the sad McDonald’s logo here.


More to come…