June 23, 2007

The one place that’s left on my travel wish list is Australia. I’ve traveled extensively in the United States and now have started to leave my mark on Europe and the countries on that side of the Atlantic, but I have yet to wander across the Pacific and try out New Zealand and Australia.

In an effort to find out more on staying in that cool country, I looked at information about Melbourne and found out some cool stuff. Mostly, that they also have sites that list cheap lodging in their country and on the front of the CheaperThanHotels site was a place for only $125 a night – IN MELBOURNE!!

I know that as I continue to read Travel and Leisure Magazine, the price I’m willing to pay for a hotel room is climbing. I’ve seen what’s out there at $400 per night and what’s out there for $30 a night. There really isn’t a comparison.

But if you’re going to Melbourne, try this site and tell me what you think. It’s easy to sign up to leave comments here and I welcome yours.

By the way, for my upcoming Paris trip I’m paying about $80 a night and my flat in the city was located using a similar site to Cheaper Than Hotels.

More to come…