Memory Test

August 22, 2007

Each year there are a handful of things I mean to do or events I mean to attend—and each one of these things falls aside because I have a dwarf-sized memory.

Actually, my memory is pretty good right now and I hope that doesn’t change. In fact, during high school I was able to memorize the VIN from Hank’s gold Lincoln and spew it back to him whenever he needed it. OK. He never ‘needed’ it, but it was a fun experiment and quite impressive too.

But back to event planning. If you’re still with me, the feeling I get when people talk about how great a concert or charity event or show was AFTER the fact just eats into my gut. I hate to miss out.

So consider this a memory aid for anyone who might want to do some fun things this fall. Here are two things to remember…

TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY – That’s right. Each year, this day passes and then I’m left to Yarrrrrr on my own the day after. Yes, I laugh to myself and have some fun, but it would be so much better if I remembered in time to put on an eye patch, capture a parrot and attach it to my shoulder, and find some booty. So, remember the date this and every year – it’s September 19!!


The other thing is a strictly Boston/Cambridge event (even though it’s an international sports event). It’s HEAD OF THE CHARLES weekend in Boston. I had great times in the past hiding a quarter keg in the back of my car and then spending the day with a plastic cup and 30 friends just watching the races and having fun. I can’t remember (hmmm, there’s a theme) the last time I went. Perhaps part of the reason is inclement weather…they have had HORRIBLE storms the last few years. But the other is just because I forget the date every year. Now you and I both know that it’s October 20 and 21, 2007.

There. Good deeds done for the day.

More to come…