Mum – some words and thoughts

May 13, 2012

I write a lot about my father. And by a lot, I mean I’ve written about the ways he’s inspired me and the ways in which his death a year ago has affected and changed me. But the teamwork it took to create (don’t think dirty!) me required another person. And on Mothers Day, I think it’s important that I acknowledge my mum and our decades together.

In a few hours I’ll head over to her house to prepare brunch for the entire family and we’ll celebrate my mother. But before that, here are a few of my favorite mum memories…

She was the backbone of the house – with four kids and an oft-traveling husband – mum somehow juggled it all. Baffles my mind. I love her for that.

She instilled me with insight, empathy and understanding. Whether it was nature or nurture – she still gets all the credit. I love her for that.

Without my mum, I wouldn’t be a professional writer. Her love of reading made becoming an author one of my goals. Since achieved. I love her for that.

She taught me how to cope with disaster, pain, sorrow and sickness. I love her for that.

She even gave me the ability to feel guilt. Perhaps an overly developed skill I harbor. Regardless, some guilt isn’t a bad thing, and I love her for that.

Most of all, my mum taught me innumerable other values that have shaped me. I love her for that.

From rescuing bunnies, to falling off ponies, to going to camp, to driving my Uncle Dickie around, the lessons and experiences are myriad. They all helped me learn and grow. Without mum, I’d be a different person – or not a person at all if you’re going to get all scientific.

Thanks mum. Happy Mothers Day. I love you.