November 6, 2007

I’m currently sitting at the monthly meeting of Mystery Writers of America listening to Steve Hull tell the audience about a recent literary success story.

Hull, who works at Justin Charles speaks deeply and smiles easily while telling his story about Steve Ulfelder who is now on his way to a “fairly light line edit” and then fame and fortune.

Here’s how this session was billed by Paula Munier in the MWA email newsletter..

Here’s a plot every writer would like to pen: The Two Steves: A Cinderella
Story for Mystery Writers. On Tuesday, Nov. 6th, come hear one of NEMWA’s
own, Steve Ulfelder, in conversation with his editor and publisher Steve

We’ll learn all about Steve U’s writing process, how and where he pitched
Shotgun Lullaby, where he met Steve H, and more. From Steve H we’ll learn
his first impressions of Steve U, his pitch, his project, and why he chose
this writer/project among all others.

And we’ll learn it all just in time to pitch our own projects at the New
England Crime Bake, Nov. 9-11 (sign up now at!

Remember, we meet now at the Mount Vernon Restaurant at 14 Broadway in
Somerville—just over the Zakim Bridge (only 100 yards from the T/bus
station, with parking on the street, in the restaurant lot, or at the T
station). Join us Tuesday, Nov. 6th at 6:30 p.m. for wine and cheese and
the Two Steves!

If you’re not attending these sessions, please visit the site and find out more.

Oh, by the way, this counts as a NaBloPoMo post and I’m still six for six for the month of November. YAY!

More to come…