My neighbor, the cheater

May 18, 2008

If you read this story by Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe, you’ll see how smart people feel and react to what Bill Belichick has done to himself this past year with his focus on winning at any cost.

I’ve ranted about the Hateriots and their cheating ways many times, just search for the posts here on the blog. But this column by Ryan concisely and intelligently lays it all out for you.

Bill Belichick lives in my hometown, but now I guess I won’t stop by to borrow sugar (he’d give me salt and tell me it’s sugar), I won’t play golf with him (while I’m looking away he might move his ball closer to the hole and say he thought it was allowed), and I won’t cheer for him as he coaches the local team (disclaimer, I never did cheer for him as I’m a Dolphins’ fan).

But I weep for the real Pats’ fans. Your team may win games, but now we’ll never know that they did it fairly.

More to come…