My Sunday

March 4, 2007

Actually this is not a recap of my Sunday. It’s a post just thrown up here because Juliet’s blog inspired me to put up some random photos.

Although I don’t have a black eye and still have some wisdom teeth, I have found photos to show the path my life has taken over the past couple days.


I had no idea he looked like this. I thought he was short and green. Stupid public school system.

What’s wrong with this picture? That’s right. The plate on the right should say ‘wrong’ because the car is parked in a handicap spot without the correct registration tag. In case you’re a do-gooder and plan to report this incident, the car on the right was just turning around in that handicap spot. So mind your beeswax and enjoy the cool proximity of these two vanity plates.


If your dog (Fletcher is being used as a carefully posed example) looks furtively toward the door as you’re preparing his breakfast, then you should be concerned that he may have left some treats on the sidewalk for the mailman.

More to come…