My TV is smaller than a large sandwich

January 3, 2008

Seriously. I’m watching Project Runway and CSI and Numb3rs and Scrubs and Crossing Jordan and even Everybody Loves Raymond on a tiny TV passed upward by my youngest brother.

It’s a 20-inch model (which is better than the VCR in the belly 19-inch model I had before) that is adequate for stacking things on or for listening to music. But for watching video performances like television shows, movies, video games and sports, it’s not quite that good.

And to top things off, it’s mighty cold outside and bike riding and walking have been curtailed until the mercury (how old is that reference) tops 40 sometime in April. That said, I’m planning to enjoy myself in front of the boob tube.

Luckily there is Circuit City and their line of after-Christmas HDTVs.


Don’t be horrified that I’m advocating buying a television, be happy. This year is the first time in the last three that I haven’t tiptoed into my parent’s house and taken their 37-inch flatscreen. It’s because I care about them and because I feel that I should have my own set instead of carting that heavy LCD back and forth across the Northeast at the end of the summer and beginning of the fall.

So, in addition to my serious workout regimen of push-ups and diet, I will be watching Gillad and other fitness masters on my new television—once I buy it. For now it’s too cold to go outside so I’ll keep a careful eye on my little 20-incher.

More to come…