February 22, 2008

Let me start by saying, “It’s snowing again and I’m looking for an ax and a Jack Nicholson mask.”


I found out long ago that birds continue to fly AND sing throughout the night. I know this in two ways.

First, my bungalow has walls that refuse to hold out the cold and are just this side of transparent so sound doesn’t have a very difficult time penetrating them.

Second, I used to have a serious video gaming habit that would often see me start my game around 3 or 4PM and not finish my session until 8 or 9AM.

Therefore, even when it’s 3AM, if a bird decides to throw a hissy fit about something, I’ll hear it if he’s within 1/4 mile of the house. And, on numerous nights I heard geese and other birds honking and singing and even flying past the pre-dawn moon when stretching my legs from a marathon Madden session.

But this isn’t about birds, it’s about what they do. They nest. Not like stupid squirrels who look cute but will just as soon chew through all your electrical cables to make a nest as they would take a nut from you or spend an afternoon performing dance moves in the middle of a highway just to confuse drivers and lose weight.

No, birds grab leftover stuff like leaves and twigs and stuff to make their nest. During today’s snow, I’ve realized that I’ve started a little nest of my own and it includes the following…

Some food and drink…


Mmmmm, caramels.


Delightful beverages from the fridge.


The remnants of snacks. OK. Not real nesting power here because it means I have to go out in the cold to empty the trash into the barrels and then be all shivery. But you get the point. Maybe I should think WARMTH.


Fake fireplace, real heat.


And with tea comes great responsibility Peter. Or is that great power? Oh, what comes with tea is the need for steam!


Perfect Italian teapot to warm my tea leaves and soothe my soul.


And so I don’t get bored I have caps from Anna. She never reads the blog so maybe Sitboaf or Tammy or Jaine or Dawnmother could alert her to go look here for a tribute shot. I also have other projects to work on while nesting…


Fixing these shoelaces……


Doing my taxes, and hopefully….


Counting some refund money!! By the way, did you know that when you try to use Photoshop to manipulate US currency you get an error message? Or really a warning? Look…


And the other things I’ll be nesting with are CF and my clicker and my computer.


It’s Comcastic.


It’s Mactastic.


And he’s an actor that keeps doing the same movie over and over again and the U.S. public seems not to notice.

I shake my rainstick at you Will Ferrell. Put on some pants!


More to come…(rainstick courtesy of Sitboaf)