– MY school sues Google

November 10, 2007

Hooray! My alma mater has taken steps to sue Google over a patent for sorting information to make searching databases easier.

The technique was patented in 1977 by Northeastern, and associate professor Kenneth P. Baclawski, co-founder of Jarg Corp. of Waltham, holds an exclusive license to the patent.

What all this means…mostly because reading about technology at 8AM on a Saturday is tough enough and you should be applauded for even reading anything on the weekend…is that NU and Jarg could get some money from Google.

And the great part is that when they do, I get some too, or at least I think I should.

I put my blood, sweat and tears into making Northeastern more prominent through my role as an RA, a dorm treasurer (good with money – should the money awarded be SIGNIFICANT), and as a cheerleader.

I defy you to find anyone who has done more for the cheerful attitude at Northeastern.

You can find more on this exciting topic (and maybe my retirement) in Hiawatha Bray’s column at

And yes, this is day 10 of NaBloPoMo. I put that in there to shame others who haven’t been writing a post a day and to spark the great and generous search engines like Google who will likely give me much more respect now that I’m practically a plaintiff in a case.

I wish I knew what a plaintiff was. Maybe Ben and Tyiuihojpkatiesertdyufuigihoj could tell me. She’s not only gorgeous and smart, she’s also a lawyer.

More to come…