Not so hot under the collar

August 1, 2007

So we got in last night from Paris and after sleeping like a rock, I wanted a hot, home-spun shower.


The shower in the Paris apartment was often hot (unless you stayed in it too long) but the handle was exactly that – a HANDle. That meant you had to get wet, put the handle down, lather up, pick up the handle, rinse off, repeat.

At home I have a showehead that would make Kramer quiver with delight. And the water remains piping hot for almost as long as you want. The only time I’ve run out (and it wasn’t me, it was a guest who had it run out) was when I ran the dishwasher, the clothes washer, took a LONG shower myself and then allowed CF to enjoy chilly water. I’m nice.

So, this morning CF is in the kitchen trying to get the stove to work. Tea is an important daily ritual and boiling water is important for that important ritual.

No go. Click click click when the starter, but no gas.

No hot water. Not stove. No ornamental fireplace.

And right now, instead of running around town doing errands to get ready to inject myself back into the working population, I’m waiting for Keyspan Energy to show up.

Trouble is, I have to be in town at 1PM for an appointment that cannot be rescheduled and it would be nice to be clean when I arrive at that appointment.

Further, Keyspan cannot tell me when they will have a crew out here at the house. But they were kind enough to tell me that if I wasn’t around, they would leave a card saying they had been to the house.


SO here I sit, microwaving tea and steaming. Even though there’s no hot water.

More to come…