Not your survey monkey

March 14, 2008

I just went through my email inbox and realized that I have four companies sending me regular surveys to complete. It’s not an odd situation for a serial consumer and gambling soul like me, but I’m running out of extra time to give these people. I also don’t see the huge upside to spending 11 minutes on average filling out surveys when I could be dining on Twinkies, reading all about the things white people like, doing some of my writing assignments, or just vegging in front of the TV.

What’s the big draw for these companies? I have some e-rewards points built up and some credit at another company. But I’m not even close to the bottom level of redemption. I mean if I combined all the points and faux dollars from every survey site, I’d have about enough to buy a game of skee ball at the arcade.

So with the passing of today and the arrival of the Ides of March I am no longer survey boy.

More to come…