Odd comments

November 16, 2007

Literally, I’m talking about odd comments that have begun to appear on Bowl of Cheese.

If you recall, a few days back I went on a tirade about misuse of intellectual property and copyright and how I hate sploggers. Well, the incidence of splogging is far more widespread and devious than I previously thought. Instead of traditional splogging (that’s an odd term – but I guess no more odd than splogging is by itself), the people using content from this site, jeffcutler.com, thingstoworryabout.com and other Jeff Cutler and Novel Ideas’ productions are feigning fair use.

In fact, I’ve already approved a few comments thinking this was something pretty benign. But after the earlier post today about having Dr. appointments, I got six comments immediately and most of them linked to medical or insurance sites. One linked to an iPhone site, but I chalk that up to a person just following the trends.

Going forward you might see some odd comments here, but I’m going to be much more vigilant in tracking down the dirty dogs who post here just to generate their own traffic. Got that Mr. dvorak.org/blog?

More to come..