Oversharing and blather

April 10, 2008

Jenny has a blog where she shares a lot of her life. It’s orchestrated fairly well and her sharing is just the right amount of fun a person might look for in a blog. I on the other hand tend to make up a bunch of stuff and post it right here on Bowl of Cheese for the world to enjoy.

When comparing the two approaches, I notice that I seldom get more than a handful of comments on my posts while Jenny gets buckets. Therefore I’ve decided to share one of my recent comments to a Jenny post with you, my readers.

What I’d urge you to do is mirror the tone and heartfelt content of this comment when posting your comments here on my blog. Thanks.

Here’s what I left for Jenny…(and the link to the post I commented on is RIGHT HERE)


Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I’m confused. Was the TV and pictures photo just included to show us a prior project or did you do ALL of the hanging in one fell swoop (whatever a fell swoop is)?

And you were going to photoshop one lonely wire? I had to buy an entire TV chest to block the medusa’s hair of wires that have taken up residence in the corner of my bungalow.

But I’ve also avoided that issue by not posting any photos of my TV corner online. That’s mostly because the paneling in the house came back from 1955 with Marty McFly and is currently all over my ‘family’ room.

And the quotes on family are there because the house is really just three rooms because I knocked all the walls down when I bought it. So it’s more like a family area.

Whoops. I forgot that you were going to censor the length of comments. And I haven’t even had beer or sangria or tequila.

less later…I promise.


C’mon folks! Comments. Right here, right now. Or better yet, put them on my PawSox posts from earlier in the day and the week.

More to come…