Paris – Day 2

July 18, 2007

OK. After a crazy sleep that was so similar to a coma that I thought I might get a bed sore, I was refreshed and ready to take a little walk around this little city.

This is NOT a little city. Here’s where we walked today and what we saw (yes, I need new feet and shoes)… OH – by the way – it’s only 8:18PM and we’re about to go walking again to find our dinner over by the Champs ‘Elyse’es.

The comment from CF just now was “Where DIDN’T we go today.”

Took our own tour of the Latin Quarter
Tea at a cafe named Petit Pont
Saw a church that amazingly wasn’t in the Davinci Code
Visited the Pantheon
Stopped at a bakery for beignets and red-flavored tea
Used a public toilet (odd inside, but I won’t describe it here)
Relaxed at Jardin d’Luxembourg (the gardens) until a mammoth pigeon scared us over to the chess matches
Shopped at Bon Marche
Walked past Notre Dame and onto Isle St. Louis
Drinks at a little cafe on St. Louis
Walked back to our penthouse
Napped, dined a little on Foie Gras (they give it away free everywhere

C’est la vie en Paris

More to come…