Patriots’ fans disliked by many

February 4, 2008

As you know, if you’ve been following my globe-trotting exploits, I’m spending a bunch of time in airports lately. Well, on the way down to FL the flight attendant was chanting go Giants during the entire trip. He was taunting the Pats’ fans and was clearly angry and focused on bothering New England fans.

BUT WAIT, here are links to some differing views. Skwiril’s blog and the Sports Guy on ESPN – Bill Simmons.

That was fun to watch because I have always been a Patriots hater. So in a quest to find out his reasons for going on a 1400-mile long rant, I asked him some questions. His answers were echoed numerous times this entire weekend whenever I asked a Giants fan or just a football fan about the Pats’ fan attitude.

Here’s the gist of the ‘interview’…

Q: What’s wrong with Patriots’ fans?

A: They are arrogant and they are the embodiment of what Boston residents used to (and probably still do) hate about New York Yankees’ fans.

Q: How could this happen? Aren’t they America’s team with all-American hero Tom Brady and genius Bill Belichick?

A: Not hardly. Brady is adequate as a QB and the system Belichick has established is great. But we all wonder if they’d be as good if they didn’t have secret videotapes, inside knowledge and an unfair edge from these components.

Q: But don’t all teams cheat?

A: Of course they do. But who cares if the 1-15 Dolphins are stealing signals? It’s just reality that if you cheat AND win, you’re going to get slammed for anything untoward in your procedures. Did the Pats cheat by taping the Rams’ final Super Bowl walk through in 2001? I say yes. Especially because ESPN is running with the story.

Q: Aren’t dynasties good for football and any major sport?

A: If the team is pure, like the 49ers and Cowboys seemed. And even Pittsburgh in the Bradshaw era…yes, a dynasty brings good attention to the sport. But if the top team is revealed to be playing above the law, then it ruins the game. How much good did Barry Bonds’ home run quest do for baseball once it was tainted by Bonds’ cheating? Right, very little.

Q: Put aside your Giants’ love for a minute and give me some good things you see about the New England Patriots.

A: They have Wes Welker and Tedy Bruschi.

There you have it. A true interview compiled from many NFL fans who see the Patriots as they might be. Only time will tell on this videotaped Super Bowl cheat in 2001. But for now, the Miami Dolphins are still the only team to have a perfect season.

More to come…