Pawsox batting practice Tuesday

September 22, 2008

That’s right. On Tuesday I’ll be taking BP at the Pawtucket Red Sox stadium in Rhode Island. It’s a perk they give their season-ticket purchasers and this year I bought a set of three seats for the entire season. Good seats, too.

So a guest and I get to go to McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket to face batting practice pitches, shag fly balls in the outfield and have a free lunch.

Not sure how fast they’re going to fire the ball in there, but I’m sure that I’ll be whiny and scared. I’m also not sure if they’re going to have players on hand to sign stuff, but I’m going to bring a little sharpie magic marker just in case.

My brother Ben is coming with me. And we prepared for this excursion by taking pitches from an 80MPH machine in Dorchester today. We each swung at about 60 pitches, connecting on about 80% of them and actually getting worthy hits on about 40-50% of them.

We’re better than we thought, but live pitching is a whole different ball game. Pun intended.

I’m really looking forward to fielding fly balls in the outfield at the stadium – as defense was my favorite part of the game back when I played.

Will update you with photos and a recap later tomorrow night.

More to come…