April 29, 2008

I’m supposed to be writing today but I’ve found a way to procrastinate my way into the afternoon. It’s called leaving comments on other blogs.

I’m a lot less of a blog reader than Sitboaf or CF, but from time to time I click around the Web and find cool things to read and look at. This stimulates my creativity and makes it possible for me to come up with the snippet that won a prize in the most recent Mystery Writers of America New England newsletter.

That’s right. Only a little more than a month into my writing sabbatical and I’ve already won a writing award.

I shouldn’t be surprised, but it’s still cool to be recognized for your ability by your peers. Now I’d like to land that magazine columnist job that I’m up for. Still waiting to release that link because the editor is still looking over my materials and considering my rate.

If only she knew that I’ve already started writing columns for the magazine, then maybe she’d be more comfortable saying, “YES, YES, YES. We want you. Give us ten columns for the online site and six for the print pub and we’ll send you a hefty check.”

How about that?

Or maybe I could run off to Africa like a friend of mine did – see how she ran – and look at cute penguins.

More to come…