Philly Mac – Bowl of Cheese podcast guest host

November 13, 2007

I know, it’s a long title and it’s a slight cop-out on the NaBloPoMo obligation. But it’s now 10:50PM and I’ve yet to come up with something of substance for today’s blog post.

SO, go download the Bowl of Cheese podcast and listen to PhillyMac (catch him on Twitter and at the Biography podcast) rail on about Tivo and other tech trials and errors.

Here’s his contact info:

Here’s PhillyMac’s contact info…he’s our guest host on Bowl of Cheese number 30.

He rails on today for almost six minutes about the on-demand and Amazon rental arrangement with Tivo and how ‘easy’ it is to get a movie.

Contact him with comments…

Contact info:
e-mail: biographypodcast [at]
voicemail: 206-202-W00T (9008)
Skype, AIM/iChat, Yahoo!: PalmMagnate
Pownce: (Note: if you need an invite, email me!)

If you want to appear on Bowl of Cheese, leave a comment below or call and leave a message at our NEW NEW NEW phone number.

It’s 206-888-2715.

More to come…