Pirates, pirates and more pirates

September 19, 2007

I told you a few months back about INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY.

Well, it’s here. It’s today. It’s right NOW!

So put on your best eye patch (apologies to anyone who already has one and is not a pirate), grab a hook or a parrot or a peg-leg (again, apologies to those who already have a wooden stick for a leg), and get yourself to a group of people.


(this lovely pirate visage is courtesy of Tee-Shirt Dragons.

Then say your “aye maties” and “yarghs” and “but I want and Oompa Loompa NOWWW daddies” as loud as you can. And yes, Oompa Loompas were little pirates. How do you think they were able to get to Charlie’s Factory?

I wish you prosperity on this day of pillaging and funny talking.

More to come…