Podcamp Has Begun

October 27, 2007

So, I get to Podcamp at 5:48AM…no traffic.

I head into the Westin and meet up by chance with Chris Wilson who runs the Answers for Freelancers podcast and has the site Answers-for-freelancers.com.

Well, Chris was in a slight bind but not really. He was in charge of a freelancing session here at PodcampBoston and flattered me by saying I could definitely help him by being on his panel.

I required a little convincing (very little because of my ego issue) and then proceeded to have the time of my life.

What a great session. We were the first session of the day and even the logy people who were in the audience became pretty active.

We chatted about freelancing with about 25+ attendees. We discussed success and how to become a successful freelancer. And we made some great connections.

Go to: freelanceliving.wordpress.com to continue the dialogue.

Interestingly, connections are exactly what freelancing and podcamp are all about.

Thanks Chris and thanks to everyone who attended!

More to come…