Podcast review

June 27, 2007

Last night at the meet-up (yes, still blathering about that), I started to think what characteristics really make a podcast or a blog worth listening to or reading. Here are the top five things that make this form of media a positive experience for me. I’ve also included a podcast name with each of the five.

Each of these can be found on iTunes along with my own podcasts – Bowl of Cheese and A Life of Play. Or just do a search for Jeff Cutler.

5. SHORT. Who has time to listen to a two-hour podcast? – see the Slate daily podcast or 60-second Science

4. FUN. The PopSci Podcast from the Moon is the best example. It’s fun and informative. Also try out the Onion and Comedy4Cast.


3. PRO-STYLE. What I mean is good sound levels and a host who doesn’t umm and mmm and lick his lips a lot. A podcast gets VERY annoying if the host constantly leans away from the microphone (ANYONE HEARD OF A HEADSET MICROPHONE!!???). A bad example is Gavin Smith on PokerWire Podcast. He’s a mumbler!!! Great sound quality can be found usually on The M Show, This Ain’t Iowa (but watch out for the racy content) and on the Wired podcast.

2. INFO. If the podcast has news you can use or timely info (as long as you listen soon after the show is recorded), I give it many thumbs up. Two examples are Vegas in 5 and the Science Friday show. I mean, how can you go wrong with Ira Flato and Marcus Weiss?

1. REGULARITY. I hate to get caught up in a show and then have it vanish. Take Sports Night, the Sopranos, Ricochet Rabbit and Star Trek Next Generation for example. Wil Wheaton should have become captain!!! But I digress. If you find a show you like, it will get points and your loyalty if it sticks around. Some long-standing shows I like are Five-Hundy by Midnight and TWIT. Some shows that have faded and it’s ANNOYING to no end are Skepticality, Whimsicality (probably the best show I ever heard) and some cycling shows.

So there you have it. Enjoy!

More to come…