Poker – Mac Style

June 23, 2007

As many of my friends know, I was bitten by the poker bug a year ago and have made it as far as the semi-finals in the Foxwoods Poker Classic and have cashed in a series of live games in seedy rooms in New Hampshire.

That said, the best way I’ve found to hone my skills is by playing more hands. And the best way to play more hands without spending a ton of money is by playing online poker.

BUT, the legislature in its infinite wisdom put a wrench in that learning plan when they passed the unlawful internet gaming act a year ago. In doing so, they put a bunch of online poker rooms out of business and limited the number online players in this country.

The act does NOT say that playing poker online is illegal. (See MacPokerOnline or FullTilt for discussion on the act.) What it does say is that transferring money to online sites with the intent to gamble is illegal. And with no way to put money into their online accounts, people are staying away in droves.

The second caveat is my admission that I am a total Macintosh fanboy. I will seriously evaluate the iPhone when it comes out next week and will try as hard as possible to never take an assignment that requires I use a PeeCee to do my writing.

That said, it’s also unfortunate that so few large poker companies have Mac clients. Meaning the software to run their poker games.

Well, a resource I’ve used to find new Mac poker sites is Mac Poker Online. They list Bugsy’s Room and Full Tilt as good Mac clients. They also give some insight into poker legislation and even (for those of you a little more hardcore) give links to sites that are all gambling and not just poker.

So, take a look at and judge for yourself.

More to come…