Poker? Maybe.

July 27, 2007

Today I’m headed to the Aviation Club de France to play poker…maybe.

You see, in addition to having a different word for everything, the French also have strange rules. I wandered by the club the other day and asked the burly guy at the door what the dress code was. He indicated that I needed shoes. That was pretty much it.

When I got home I sent a note to the Tournament Director and asked what the dress code was. She replied that no T-shirts or sporting shoes were allowed.

Well, I have sandals with me as well as a few polo shirts. I also have some nice slacks and my Merril-brand footwear. The Merrils are designed to look like hiking shoes, but they are actually just loafers that would fall off your foot if you tried anything athletic in them.

Therefore, I have dressed myself up and am headed over to the Club today. I’ll let you know what happens.

(Oh, the other odd rule we ran into yesterday was the proper side of an elevator to get in on. We were trying to get off the Eiffel Tower and were standing at the wrong door to the elevator. Even though there was room, and the elevator was headed down, AND the lady driver had the door open, she scolded us and said we could not get on because we were at the wrong door.

We then ran all the way around to the other door and watched her smile as she closed the door just before we got there. Then we waited for the next tram. Nice.)

More to come…