Poking around

October 26, 2007

Here are some people who I THINK I saw at Blogtoberfest last night…




Holy crap, all these guys are interlinked. It’s a link and juice-building conglomerate. Still searching for people who were at the Pour House. Here’s more…


You know what’s really odd, VERY few people have non-blogspot blogs. Am I the only one who went domain-name crazy in my youth? My blogs go to bowlofcheese.com, jeffcutler.com and elsewhere. I do have the Blogger blogs, but only as back-ups or destinations I forward to.

Take for instance my Tour de France blog. If you put in TDF07.com it forwards to tdf07.blogspot.com. Hmmm.

Just rambling this morning.

More people I might have seen last night. And yes, there were guys there but it seems that most of them aren’t linking to each other as much as the wimmmen.



And some other cool stuff like gluten-free recipes and more.

Well, that’s enough for now. Off to breakfast with my mum.

More to come…