Post-candle evaluation

April 23, 2007

On Friday I was determined to stop at Crate and Barrel to grab a candle to carry with me all weekend long. I didn’t buy the candle, but here is what did transpire on my birthday weekend.

Got this camera

Had a bunch of great meals

Played poker

Rode my bike (whoops, didn’t mean to surprise those of you who have been thinking I was the next stunt double for the Fat Elvis

Elvis Fat

Shopped at Apple

Cooked on the grill

Watched television

Did work for Polar Beverages

Shoplifted an acrylic ice cube from a display at a retail store

Had breakfast at the bar at Stars

and generally had a great time for my birthday weekend! The plans for the upcoming year include reporting on the Boston IFF this week, a trip to Paris, another trip to Vegas, some writing projects, home improvements, fame and fortune.

Lastly, I wanted to ask readers what they thought the word “Stabby” means. I know this is totally off-topic, but I came across the word as it was being used by a Twitter friend and I’m on a quest to change its meaning here in the United States.

So even if you know the real meaning, use it as meaning ‘hungry’ or ‘peckish’. e.g. I’m feeling quite stabby for a roast beef. Or, I’m so stabby I could eat a horse. Or even, Slow down stabby boy, there are plenty more Peeps in the marshmallow cabinet – no need to gobble.

More to come…