Pug in my pocket

May 14, 2008

The puppy arrived in the mail this week and I was like a kid at Christmas or Channukah, ripping frantically into the packaging to reveal my gift.

He had come all the way from Iowa to the East Coast and was probably frightened from his long journey on the mail truck.

Holding him close to me, I admired his tiny round face – he’s a Pug – and sleek, compact body.

I imagine that we’ll have adventures together he’s never dreamed of. Were he with me sooner, I would have brought him to Key West, Pawtucket, Cambridge, London and even Paris.

But he’s here now and that’s all that matters.

Perhaps I should have chosen a heartier breed of dog, but he’s perfectly proportioned to fit on his little stage. And it all slides neatly into my wallet.

Maybe when I wear him out I’ll choose a different animal or a sports team. But for now I’m content with my versatile and valuable Pug on my Discover Card.

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