Puking sound or burping sound? The length of blogs and microblogs – a discussion.

December 17, 2008

Just four minutes ago someone on Twitter (OK, it was @sallyhogshead) discussed with me the terminology used to describe tweets (the 140-character outbursts on Microblog giant Twitter).

We have been calling them tweets for a while, but Sally posited that instead of tweets taking on the form of sound bites (or bytes), they were more like sound nibbles. I thought that a nibble took far too long and was too intimate an action for just a microblog entry. I countered with the thought that a tweet is really just a sound burp.

But, if a microblog entry is a sound burp, then a regular blog entry (this one included) is beyond that in sound and texture. Sally says it’s a sound puke.

That’s where I pretended to become all offended while giggling inside and decided to put up my own sound puke right here, right now.

Got thoughts? Puke or burp them in the comments!

More to come…