Random posting

December 1, 2006

It’s been a long time since I just wrote here to write. Usually I’m putting up BOC podcast entries or blowing my own horn so Technorati can locate me. But today I just wanted to talk about soap.

Specifically how soap gets so small that it can find its way into places on your body where soap shouldn’t remain. Trouble is that soap is slippery and difficult to grip. So early this morning I was struggling with a sliver of soap that had found its way into my ear.

What!!?? You thought this was an Andrew Dice Clay routine? I’m not gonna talk about nether regions in this G-rated blog. You sickies!!!

Needless to say I’m now able to listen to my iPod nano again without worrying about soaping up my earbuds.

A new Bowl of Cheese podcast will be up before the weekend is over. Want to send me a show idea? Then email me.

Until then, keep thinking!