Resolute Turkey

November 21, 2007

It’s funny that most of us put resolutions together with the new year. Be it Chinese, Jewish or calendar year, many of us strive to wash ourselves of our past misactions and put methods into place that will result in a better life and a happier population around us.

That population could be as small as one clown or as large as a 100-person extended family or even as large as all of civilization. Regardless, I think the resolution making time should fall on turkey day.

That’s right. When is a better time to think about how you’ve disappointed others than the day when you’re listing out the many things you’re thankful for?

With that right out front, here are the things I’m thankful for and the few resolutions I’ll put into place. And yes, there will be a blog post tomorrow, but it might not deal with fowl or food or football or many of the words that begin with F. Your loss.


Mum and dad for raising me correctly and ensuring that my path through life has been enriching and challenging without breaking my spirit or my soul.

Mr. Barnes for instilling in me a love of words and a respect for books on any topic. It seems so simple that a teacher would be the person to spark my writing career and my love for reading. Some would say it’s elementary…and because it was 4th grade at Soule Road School I’d have to agree.

Dr. Banks for saving my life in 1999 (I forget the surgeon’s name so that’s the best I can do).

Wily CF for joining me on my jaunt through life.

Multiple clients for giving me the opportunity to write for them…including Gulf Oil (redid their logo and tagline), TJX (helped launch their Holiday Elves promo and e-commerce division), Brookstone (named their best-selling piece of luggage and their legacy pair of slippers), WearGuard (again, named a bunch of their products), Tweeter (for letting me write audio Q and A for, UNO’s Restaurants (menu blurbs and kiosk scripts galore), and countless other firms who recognize the need for quality copywriting.

AND now for the resolutions-

More physical activity. If I’m able to be active, why not take advantage of it.

To get a scooter (that’s not really a resolution, but I slipped it in here so I won’t forget to treat myself right from time to time).

Treat myself right from time to time.

Enjoy life.


Treat others with respect…unless they’re clearly idiots.

Think a lot about life and the meaning of the universe (at least until Tufts University gives me that Ph.D.).

Qualify again for a major poker tournament.

Ride my bike more.

Buy a house or demolish and redesign the one I own now.

And a bunch of other things I can’t recall right now.

Have a great Thanksgiving and I’ll talk to you tomorrow. By the way, I owe you some photos. Those might get posted by the weekend.

More to come…