Ringing endorsement

October 2, 2006

The holidays are approaching and according to any and all newspapers and magazines, you can ring in the holidays with savings. This means a few things.

First, it means that saving has never been easier either because everything is priced at an all-time high or the quality of stuff is so low that it can be priced cheaply.

But that’s not the real subject of this entry. The real subject is the significance of rings.

I started wearing a ring again lately and it has elicited responses as benign as, “nice ring” to comments as inflammatory as, “you homo, don’t you know that wearing a ring on your right ring-finger makes you gay?”

Well, I didn’t realize that wearing something on a given finger, ear or elbow could MAKE you gay and I think the ring makes me look hip. To me it’s not a symbol of anything except coolness, so I figured I’d educate my readers on the origin of the ring and let you decide.

The ring is made of titanium.

It has 45¬? bevelled edges and squared off sides. The face of it is flat.

It was crafted by Duncan Miller back in 2002 or so when I traded him some MTB parts for a ring.

A bunch of the mountain biking crew had them made and we all wore them to look cool (see the parallel to my current thinking?).

I ‘gave’ it to a friend of mine (then my girlfriend) who recently returned it to me.

And now I’m wearing it around. Here’s a photo…

So, is that a ring that can ‘make’ a person gay? Or is it just a ring that makes me so very cool?

More to come…