Ruling Party – Jeff Cutler Shares His Absolutes

January 24, 2008

Occasionally I like to get all soapbox-ish and rant about things I see as absolutes. These things can range from my political beliefs, my understanding of the Internet and technology, my sports fanaticism, and even my food philosophy.

Today I’m giving you another (or maybe this is the first) in the series of Jeff Shares.


Too many people believe they know enough to make decisions about too many things. To simplify this or give an example, this means that the executive director of a company should not be deciding how to design a product package. The primary driver of efficiency is specialization. That’s why we have multiple types of chefs in a restaurant. That’s also why you wouldn’t have a painter design an entire house plan. Wake up and pay attention to what you’re good at. And allow others to do their jobs.


Heath Ledger’s death, the Patriots’ ascension to Super Bowl participant status, Hillary Clinton’s ballot tampering and the inclusion of ethanol in our gas are ALL less important than lives being lost overseas, fires and disasters here at home, and the preponderance of political correctness that pervades society.


Caffeine from coffee is a more controlling drug than nicotine or alcohol. You might say that alcohol destroys more lives or that nicotine kills, but coffee addiction controls more people on a regular basis than any drug in our nation’s history. It should be regulated and taxed, and studies should be initiated to see how much damage this drug vehicle causes annually.


Sushi, mercury and all, is still darn tasty.


More to come…