Sadness averted — THIS TIME FOR REAL

January 11, 2008

Now the story WAY below is accurate. Read the story below, but be aware that it applies to a fictionalized account of what I HOPED would happen. I’m an idiot for believing that. I am still without my MacBook and will HOPEFULLY pick it up in 13 hours at 10AM at the Apple Store.

I’m angry at me for wasting four hours of my life sitting in my car and in Barnes & Noble waiting for the Apple Geniuses (HERE IT IS USED SARCASTICALLY!!!) to call me. I’m angry at them for not being clear at when the computer would be ready.

Now feel free to read the following FAKE tale of my happiness….

My MacBook has been slightly under the weather lately and even though I have the AppleCare service, I haven’t had the time to leave it in the hands of the geniuses (this is one time I’m NOT saying this sarcastically) at the Apple Store.

Therefore, when I found myself under the weather this week I immediately called the store to set up a time to get the computer’s Airport Card replaced. The guys at the store were great and ordered a new card for me. They said they’d call when it came in and then I could drop off my MacBook for the simple repair.

Today that call came and I jetted across town to the Apple Store at Derby Street in Hingham.


Once there I was treated great and I was excited to get my machine back in mere hours. So I shopped and waited.

Sadly, the mere hours turned into longer hours and when I called at 6PM I was told that it could be up to two days before I got the computer back. I was really sad.


How could such a simple repair take so long? It seems that there may have been a communication issue—half my fault and half Apple’s. I thought that the repair would take place the instant I dropped off the computer while the Apple staff contended that all service appointments are taken in the order in which they arrive. Had I known that at the beginning I might have dropped the computer off yesterday and I’d be typing this on my pretty black MacBook right now.


But it seems that my overwrought self was a bit premature in his arrival. The staff of Mike and Chris and everyone else who I spoke to were great and pulled out all the stops to get my baby back to me quickly.

So, instead of this being a sad story of a boy without a computer it’s a joyful tale of reunion and nerdiness all rolled into one pretty package.

Rejoice, I say. Apple is great as are all the folks who work there. And by the way, MacWorld 2008 is just a few days away! Get ready for the release of the subnotebook.

I have it on marginal authority that the new laptop is going to be named either the MacBook Pro Mini, the MacBook Feather, the MacFeather, the MacBook Go, or the Wijacker. I already checked and all those domain names are gone, so this quasi-rumor could be true!

More to come…