Scarecrow musings. If I only had a brain.

January 18, 2015

The first test I’ve taken in 24 years frightened me. I was up for my real estate sales license the other day…the only barrier being a four-hour multiple-choice test. This wasn’t the SATs or the MCAT or the GREs or whatever other three-letter competency exam you can think of. It was a real estate exam. And I was scared.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 3.38.56 PM

Let’s get together intellectually and agree that testing for professional licensure is pretty rote. If you take a course or two, study correctly, take some practice exams and have a bit of common sense and courage, you’ll do fine. In fact, this process was the same one I used to excel on a variety of undergraduate and graduate levels…and it was the same process I used to get into college in the first place.

But being so far removed temporally from my collegiate days injected a bit of anxiety into this event. Even the common belief that a pulse is all that’s necessary to pass the real estate exam didn’t assuage my fears.


Fortunately, the grey cells and my training didn’t let me down. I passed – though how much of a margin I had we’ll never know because the test is a pass-fail format – and am now armed with a document that allows me to collect a commission for helping you buy or sell real estate.

Why am I telling you this? It’s not to drive you to contact me with your listings or your residential wish list. It’s not to brag – see above comment of just needing a pulse to pass. It’s to instill in you a little confidence.


If I can, in 14 days, take a real estate course and then schedule, show up for, and pass the professional exam, there’s nothing you can’t do on a similar level. At a bare minimum, if you understood the terms competency, assuage and collegiate, you should have the mental tools necessary to do great things. I urge you to chase those dreams and go do that stuff.

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