Scooter, Bushwood, Gopher, Golf, Scavenger Hunt, Fancy Pants

August 7, 2008

If you’ve been following my escapades the past nine weeks, you’ve seen the scooter in various stages of dress and undress with pieces and parts from the Modern Buddy dot com Scavenger Hunt.

This week we were tasked (that shouldn’t be a verb) with wearing plaid pants, holding a golf club, at a golf course with a gopher, and fitting ourselves and our scooter in the photo.

Here’s what I came up with…

This is the best shot, but I had to crop out the lady who had the nerve to be on the green behind me. She’s walking toward the flag and I was tempted to beep the loud horn on the scoot just to teach her a lesson. By the way, she made the putt.

In this photo I didn’t do any cropping, but the ranger who was taking the shot looked at me like my fat head was obscuring the flag so I crouched a little. I guess the befuddled look on his face was his normal expression. How was I to know that he should have been wearing the helmet?

This is just a random shot of Ronald McDonald in a golf cart. I heard he’s driving all around the country in the cart trying to raise money for his charity…the Ronald McDonald House. He did not have plaid pants, a gopher, a scooter or even a golf club. He gets no points this week.

Here are all the parts except me in my dashing pants. Or fancy pants if you know the song by Jonathan Coulton.

And here is the sign at the entrance to SSCC. Elegant, huh?

Oh, the point tally? Here….

+4 Scooter at Golf Course
+2 for being in the photo
+3 for having a gopher in the shot
+3 if you’re wearing plaid pants
+1 for holding a golf club

This week I got the max – LEGITIMATELY. No midgets posing as little leaguers, no photoshop, no sushi cards, no non-inflatable ducks. Nope. Got all the points fair and square.


More to come…