Scooter Scavenger Hunt #8

July 18, 2008

Over at ModernBuddy, they are still doing the scooter scavenger hunt. And as I explained the other day, my photo allotment at the site has filled up, so I’m posting the hunt stuff here.

Please leave me your comments. Today’s is relevant because it’s historical and fun.

We had to have a picnic in a national park. I went to Quincy, MA and stopped at the Adams’ birthplace – a national park – and had an urban picnic.

Here are the photos…

Main shot. Shows me eating a blueberry product with a grill, a bear, my scooter and a national park in the photo. Next is a closeup so you can see I’m actually biting the muffin (that sounds odd).

This is the photo of everything except me, just to prove the grill, the scoot, the bear, the blueberry and the national park are in the photo. When I used the auto-timer I didn’t have a place to rest the camera, so the other perspective is a bit low.

Next shots are all the pieces separately.

Blueberry Iced Coffee

Blueberry muffin (in my mouth in the main photo).

Winnie the Pooh. He was rumbly in his tumbly whilst I snacked on my muffin and coffee. It was time for something sweet.

More to come…