Scooter Scavenger Hunt – Trains and Scooters

August 31, 2008

All summer long I’ve been taking part in a scooter scavenger hunt. Fortunately, I have a scooter and have been able to adjust my schedule enough to take part in this great activity.

Alas, all fun things come to an end – unless they’re deep-fried Twinkies, because those last for millennium.

In the last summer installment of the hunt we were asked to take photos of ourselves, our scooters and trains, train stations and any props that an engineer might wear.

In these photos I’ve got the train, the train station, scooter and me and a bandanna. That means I get a grand total of 8 POINTS.

Here are the photos…

This is the main photo, but hold on there is a lot more to add color and fun to this week’s adventure.

Tracks. This is presumably how the train got here, but I was rushing around like a madman trying to set the camera up and running so I’m not sure if these were used.

A more artistic view of the station and the tracks. NO, I wasn’t about to jump onto the tracks to get a worm’s eye view.

This is right down the road from the station. I raced the train, parked the scoot and got the gates in the photo too. Scary.

Trains move pretty fast. Doesn’t it look like Scootle is watching as the train passes?

Different angle. You can tell I was running as this is a tiny bit blurry.

Signs near the tracks.

These gates come down pretty fast and then linger when they go up. Guess it’s safer that way.

More to come…