Sesame Street Eggs

October 2, 2007

Yesterday, CF and I went shopping and similar to many shoppers, we bought some eggs.

What’s funny about buying eggs isn’t that they’re taken from defenseless chickens, but that they evoke in me a weird reminiscence.

When I get home from the store, or after PeaPod delivers my eggs, I put them one-by-one into the egg tray in the fridge. While doing this I imagine my hands are furry little three-fingered devices that are moving the eggs from the carton into the tray.

The interesting factor here isn’t that I might be unbalanced and equate eggs to Ernie and Bert, but how vivid some images from our childhood can be.

Imagine your first day of school…doesn’t matter what year. If you were in our family you posed for a photo before traipsing off to the bus stop. So I remember the feel of brand-new clothes on a dewy September morning.

Or you might remember how Schlitz beer tasted when your parents let you taste it for the first time.

Or the soft cotton of the pillowcase that you got to use to carry Halloween candy.

Or how fast you were in new sneakers.

Or how dizzy you’d get on the merry-go-round at the playground.

I know this isn’t the Jeff Cutler dot com flashback show – or the site (go there for writing assignments), but sometimes it’s fun to think about how our memories are formed and how random they can be.

More to come…