Sharing the love

April 6, 2008

No, this isn’t a post about free love, it’s a post about some other locations on the World Wide Web that you might want to visit.

I’m no Mark Penn, but that’s because I’d never find myself working for that wench Hillary Clinton. But like Mark Penn I have the ability to convey a message to the American public. And that message is, “go visit these sites and open your mind to some great content and entertainment.”

Here’s the list from my Linking Hour…

Jim Storer
Michelle’s Arts and Crafts
The M Show
Jesse Legg
Chris Wall
Annie Boccio
Katy McGreevey
Chris Brogan
Wil Wheaton
Leo Laporte
Tom Cruise
David Pogue

Well, that’s about all I was able to get from people in the 60 minutes Linking Hour. We’ll do this again in a month and see if people run with this idea of sharing their sites and links to build a bigger and more cohesive Web community.

More to come…