Silent treatment

September 8, 2006

I’ve been working in Canada for a solid and loyal client for the past few months. That’s about to change as I take a new, more corporate gig in metro-Boston, but I wanted to give some props to the past client because the people there are great to work with and fun to be around.

So, if you’re working at that Canada company – thanks for putting up with me and hang in there. I’ll be back in 2007 to help out.

And the reason I’m not naming names or companies here is because Nutmeg told me horror stories of teachers who were fired for keeping a blog. Even though they never wrote about the school system in which they worked.

That’s about as bad as not keeping score in children’s soccer games or becoming stymied when you can’t think of the PC word for Chinese food.

Enough soap box. Chat more soon – the A Life of Play podcast is back up and running too. So head on over to A Life of Play right now to see what’s new.

More to come…