Singing praise to Verizon

August 14, 2007

Please note that this is NOT a paid post.

That’s right, I’m praising Verizon. Those beasts who have sucked my wallet dry over the past five years with cell phones, land lines and DSL charges. And I’m happy with them.

Why? For three reasons.

1 – EVDO WiFi Internet Access

2 – Free cell phone

3 – Contact manager software

You might think that my phone has been too close to my ear creating a short in my common sense, but stay with me for a moment. You’ll soon see why the behemoth of digital access points is now my friend.

1…I have been burdened for decades (OK, maybe 15 years) with being tethered to a location for my Internet access. I had MCI mail, then AOL, then Earthlink, then DSL via Verizon. Now, with the advent of gremlins in little digital devices, I’m going to be able to surf the Web anywhere in the United States without Wijacking.

That’s right. No Wijacking. Nothing illegal going on here sir. No more slumping over the wheel of my rental car in Florida trying to Wijack a signal from the local shell shoppe. I’m going legit as of Thursday.

For a little more than my DSL bill I’ll get a faster signal and have Internet access anywhere I can get a cell signal. That’s all it’s taken to make me happy today…and these two other things.

2…I have been out of contract for my DSL, my DirecTV and my cell phone since the winter. That means I’m free to go anywhere I want with my TV, phone, Internet and cellphone. That also means that service providers are gung-ho to give me freebies to get me back in the fold. Well, that EVDO modem AND my next cell phone are coming to me FREE!! That’s right. Freebies from Verizon. Another reason I’m happy with them.

3…And finally, the communications giant has a way to back up my phone numbers via the Web. It’s all coming together neatly and in the span of about a week I’ll be all up to date. You just sign up online and all your numbers xfer neatly from your phone to the Web. And you can edit them there too!!

So, the plan from here is to get my stuff from Verizon. Get it all activated. Cancel my DSL. Upload contacts into my new phone. Smile a lot. Buy a scooter.

More to come…