Skippy McSkips a lot

December 2, 2007

OK. I skipped a day of writing because that’s what the almost 50,000 other NaBloPoMo writers were doing yesterday after a month of posting daily. But now I’m backā€”and not because I felt guilty to my 47 odd readers, but because I saw a house that had been downsized and it puzzled me.

If you had a lot of land and a large house on that lot of land, would you renovate DOWN in size rather than raze and rebuild bigger?

This house is a few streets away from my shack and is now a quaint 1800 square feet by my estimates. The house that was there before was easily 2500 square feet with a wrap-around porch and great Victorian styling.

This isn’t a full-blown rant, but if you were buying a new television or iPod or bike or even boat, wouldn’t the first thing you weave into your deliberations be a larger size?

The same doesn’t hold true for cars because we’re all so PC and environmentally aware these days and small cars are all the rage. But a bigger boat, larger TV and iPod with more storage is definitely the path most of us would take. And a bigger house is just a logical progression…UNLESS the people are now empty-nesters who are spending down their childrens’ inheritance.

I’m still a little puzzled. The house looks great so far, but it seems that the owners went from a full-fledged home into a starter unit. Just my thoughts for the day.

More to come…